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What Can You Expect

Living in Harmony is easier said than done, especially in a world filled with conflict, catastrophes, and differing opinions. Our operational philosophy is built on honesty and truth, recognizing  both are sometimes hard to accept.

 Our Goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your insurance needs. Once you've made a decision our job then is to find an insurance company that can do what you want.

Whatever the risk you may face, from accidents to theft, we have the right coverage to protect you from life's unexpected challenges.


Understanding "Must Haves" vs "Wants"

There's usually two reasons people purchase insurance. They want to protect what's most important to them  or they just want to keep their creditor happy.  

No matter what your reason is, we can get the right policy, to cover what you have to cover or what you want to cover! As your Harmony agent our duty is to find out what you want, and then get it for you.

The End Results

We achieve insurance Harmony by partnering the right insurance company products and services with your wants and needs. Total Harmony is achieved when you're happy with the coverage and the price. 

Our Team

Ray Settles

Ray bought his first insurance policy in 1978. Having worked for the Nations largest insurance company, he certainly knows what it takes to get you the best deal. His resume covers 9 states, a 1/2 dozen fortune 500 companies, 4 daughters and 5 grandchildren, he knows a bit about life's curve balls and how to hit em. Ray is licensed in Arkansas, Texas & Louisiana

Richard Smith

Richard is a 7th generation Texan, from a long line of educators, he understands what it takes to survive in the Texas economy. His frugal nature drives him to extract the best deal from every dollar withour shuttering value. Married to his childhood sweet heart for 30+ years, he has two daughters and 4 grandchildren.

Brittany Mears

Brittany started her career with the Nations Largest insurance company and understands what it means to "do what it takes" to protect our customers from life's unexpected. She enjoys the challenge of getting what you want! Married to her best friend and mother to one daughter.

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