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Auto Insurance

If we can’t find it, it doesn’t exist! Auto insurance may be the largest segment of the industry, but it’s often the least understood insurance. When you understand what you must have vs what you need you can make a better purchasing decision

Home Insurance

You’ve worked hard to pay for it, why buy it again? Often the difference between what you must have and what you want is just a few dollars. We’ll show you how to avoid the penny wise and dollar foolish mistakes some people make with home insurance.

Business Insurance

 Poor business management and planning, two top reasons businesses fail. Workers comp and liability insurance can protect your business from free ride seekers. We’ll show you what you must have so you make sure you can keep what you want.

Life Insurance

Chances are, if someone depends on you, YOU need life insurance. People spend thousands insuring their cars and homes, yet fail to insure their most important asset. Wives occasionally object to Life Insurance, but widows never do.

Health Insurance

What good is the finest healthcare in the world if you can't afford to use it? Often  lost wages can leave you in financial ruin. Having a hospital income plan, or a disability policy can keep your lights on while you sort through the doctor bills.

Business Continuity

What will happen to your business if something happens to you… or one of your key employees? You can overcome any obstacle with the right planning. Let us demonstrate how easy it can be to implement a business continuity plan